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> The Cascade Cottages

On a cold, cold night, all the animals met. It was winter and each one went with their jacket of leaves. The bear, who was the boss, proposed an idea:

- Listen, why don’t we tell someone to make a few cottages where people can
come and then give us some food?

Everyone thought it was a good idea! They decided to tell the young boy who, at times, they had seen climbing up the mountains where they live and go for walks. One of the animals, the fox, who everyone knows is very smart, so smart, so smart that he could even write, began to draft the letter.

Hello Koldo:
How are you? We, the animals, are very good, but we would like if you could
make a few cottages where the people can come and then later give us some food. Will you try?

And like this, he finished the letter. They gave the writing to the bird, Beaky-Teo, and he flew and flew until he arrived at Koldo’s house. He crashed into the window, but before the letter fell, Koldo grabbed it and read it. He was surprised but thought it was a good idea, and so he started to build the cottages next to a waterfall. He had many problems because not everybody thought it was a good idea, but finally he did it. When he finished, all the animals were very, very happy.

That winter was colder than normal and something strange happened: the waterfall froze. This wasn’t a problem to enjoy the waterfall, because Koldo thought that it would be a great place to ice-skate. But there was a problem indeed, all the mermaids that lived below the water, were frozen and couldn’t get out. They had to make a hole like the Eskimos do to fish. Because the mermaids were frozen, they had to make the hole to get warm. The heat evaporated the cold and the mermaids turned into beautiful blue dragonflies that stayed fluttering around the river. And from then on, they are the ones in charge of taking care of the waterfall and watching the people.

So many people now come to the cottages that Koldo built, to enjoy a place to live with nature and the animals. Take good care of it! This is why there are the guardians, the beautiful blue dragonflies that you can see all over the river if you decide to come and visit us. And I will tell you a secret. This place, even though it seems like a story, is real and exists and is called “The Cascade Cottages”. And this is the end of a happy story.

Written by Haize Ganzedo Viteri, 8 years old. Dedicated to his father and his project.

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